2021 Dues $25 (Full Membership)

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2021 Dues $25 (Full Membership)

Postby LOBSTER » Sat Jan 30, 2021 6:56 am

When you pay, you receive
  1. Oil spill kit (1st year)
  2. Decal (1st year)
  3. Membership to Manitoba Association of Automobile Clubs (MAAC)
  4. Metal membership card that qualifies you for discounts at vendors, including dealerships!
  5. Full access to www.RedRiverJeepClub.com
  6. Access to our Microsoft Teams: attend/host virtual meetings with other members, post topics, chat, etc...
  7. Most of all: the joy of making work for the Treasurer(me)!

What expenses does the RRJC have?
  • One time per member: oil spill kits $10, decals $2
  • Recurring: MAAC Dues, Website Hosting, BBQ and Christmas Party, MB name registration.

What else do we do with the money?
Donate to charities and typically we reduce our balance to $0 before year's end by giving back to the members who attend the Christmas Party. However, in 2020 we couldn't have a Christmas Party so all funds that would have otherwise gone towards it and the members were donated to 3 charities that the members picked.

NOTE: Every April, our dues are due. If you join after November, dues paid count towards the following year.
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